Urban development Arroyo Espino. Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)

Description: Sector SUP-3. (377.451,97 m2)
Location: Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)
Date: 2008

Sector SUP-3 “Arroyo Espino” of Colmenar Viejo’s Land-use Planning applies to 377,451.97 m2 within the town limits of Colmenar Viejo, located at the foothills of the mountains of Madrid.

The land is owned by the Sector-3 “Arroyo Espino” compensation board and this sector was developed in 2008. The connection to roads as well as the rest of services uses Cerro San Pedro street which already exists today and is part of the sector.

The sector is located in the northeastern part of town and borders the M-607 highway which runs from Madrid to Colmenar Viejo. In this project and due to its topography the decision was made to raise the elevation of the roads over the natural terrain, moving 500,000.00 m3 of earth into embankments.

Because two streams cross the sector, their banks were turned into green spaces and they were channeled under the roads.

Of special note in this project is the execution of 160.00 m of guided pipe jacking with 1,200 mm interior diameter closed shield to connect the sanitation with the town’s system.


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